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SuperStick RPG 3 BETA Released!!

2009-09-29 21:27:08 by gjlcards

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that the SuperStick RPG 3 Beta has been released! This is the complete game. It is a beta until I am certain that all of the bugs are ironed out (I believe most of them are as I have tested it a lot). Once it is out of beta, I will release the game here.

Everyone is invited to play the beta at my website (GVerseOnline). Please report any bugs you come across in the comment section. Suggestions are also welcome! Be sure to take a look at any other content on the website that catches your eye too!

Thanks everyone for the support, and I hope everyone enjoys playing the game!!


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2009-10-08 22:30:33

You haven't made a game for so long that everyone thought you quit


2009-10-12 22:46:31

You're my hero


2009-10-12 22:50:55

Oh one thing though, the game is great but you might want to change the music. It's pretty bad and might turn off a lot of people if you release it on NG with that soundtrack

(Updated ) gjlcards responds:

Which songs in particular do you not like? It would take too long to totally redo all of them, but I can redo some of them. Please let me know, thanks! I want to try to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Thanks for playing and commenting!!



2009-10-30 00:01:34

Not gonna lie all the music is bad. Especially the battle music. The game itself is really really good though. I don't know how you did it man


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