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SuperStick RPG 3 status

2009-02-11 01:54:23 by gjlcards

The game is currently going very well. I would say it's around 85% complete! I am still aiming for a summer release!

In the mean time, enjoy my comedy youtube videos: YouTube Videos

Thanks for all the support!!

SuperStick RPG 3 status


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2009-02-11 20:42:50

Hey I love Superstick rpg 2 the most and hoping that number three is even better! Take some time to improve it but i hope it gets done pretty soon


2009-02-23 23:34:04

Great man I am very excited to see how it turns out :)


2009-02-28 16:08:59

Im really glad your still going strong on the game man. Im looking forwards to playing it


2009-03-09 19:02:30

looks like it has good dralings!


2009-03-21 21:57:57

Nice! Can't wait for this!


2009-04-10 19:05:31

I wonder... Is it going to look simaliar to the Preview?

gjlcards responds:

It will not look anything like the preview. In my opinion, it looks way better than the preview. The animation is also much better and smoother at 30 frames per second. I assure you that a lot more effort has gone in to the graphics and animation this time around.


2009-06-17 17:15:41

Nice! I've been waiting for this to come out for quite awhile. Do you have any definite idea of when it's coming out?

gjlcards responds:

I am planning it to come out in about two months, or the end of summer. It is mostly done except for adding sound and beta testing. Thanks for the support!



2009-06-25 05:04:43

Thanks for answering i hope the best of luck on the progress.


2009-07-17 01:55:11

Hey if you need beta testers, I'll be more than happy to help


2009-12-19 22:19:01

omg i cant wait i remember years ago loving your other superstick game


2010-01-04 10:37:31

Yea release in the summer. Um its been a year and its 2010. Shouldn't you be done?