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SuperStick RPG 3 Progress

2008-11-12 00:50:28 by gjlcards

Hello all,

Progress is slow, but I have been working on SuperStick RPG 3 and I do intend on finishing it. I would say that it's between 60% - 70% complete. I am trying to work on it more though and actually have a plan of what I need to do to finish it, so hopefully it will be done in four months or so. After it's done, I will require beta testers and I will post again to find volunteers.

Thanks for everyone's support!


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2008-11-15 13:02:48

Yay! Can't wait!


2008-11-19 12:52:13

I remember playing SRPG2 when I was 12 <3

Can't wait.


2008-11-29 00:45:56

Awesome. I can't wait to play this after waiting... what, three or four years? :P You should post some screens or a vid on your site.


2008-12-14 01:58:20

Yeah some screens would be nice!


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