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Working on things this summer

2008-07-14 20:55:18 by gjlcards

It's been a while...I know! I just graduated college and I am currently on vacation until August 31st, which is when full time work begins. Currently, I am working on writing (comedy) and getting set to perform stand up comedy. I have been preparing for that for a few years.

I am also working on SuperStick RPG 3. I have a ton of free time now, so I really hope to finish it this summer. It should be exciting... performing stand up comedy, and finishing my best Flash RPG yet. I hope everybody is doing great! Comments are always appreciated! Thanks!


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2008-07-20 22:08:32

Demonic Defense 5?

gjlcards responds:

I feel that I have done as much as I can on the Demonic Defense series, so there is no planned sequel to that. I want to finish SuperStick RPG 3 for the fans of that series. Hopefully it will also bring forth a few more fans as well; though, I will just have to see how it turns out.


2008-08-15 22:05:40

Ah, superstick RPG.

Jeez, you've been working ont hat game for at least a couple years now.


2008-10-05 12:02:48

Sheesh really When is the game comming out xD im waiting my Butt out... Looking forward for it...


2008-11-01 07:01:40

great, super stick rpg 3 will be awesome!


2008-11-06 18:01:21

i hope u can finish all ur games!