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New Game Coming Soon!!

2010-11-29 00:51:19 by gjlcards

Hello everybody!

After a long while, I finally have a new game coming soon. It is called Squirrel Arithmetic and it is a fun, fast paced puzzle-math game with power ups, power downs, and high score boards to boot!

I would appreciate it IMMENSELY if people were to give it a try and let me know of any bugs. I want to ensure that it is bug free before I post it on newgrounds.

[Click here to give it a try]



SuperStick RPG 3 Released!

2009-11-30 16:23:01 by gjlcards

Hi everyone!

SuperStick RPG 3 has finally been released on newgrounds!! Check it out by clicking here.

I hope everyone loves it!!

Check out other cool games and videos at my website.

I am working on many other things, so hopefully I can get more stuff out soon! Later everyone!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that the SuperStick RPG 3 Beta has been released! This is the complete game. It is a beta until I am certain that all of the bugs are ironed out (I believe most of them are as I have tested it a lot). Once it is out of beta, I will release the game here.

Everyone is invited to play the beta at my website (GVerseOnline). Please report any bugs you come across in the comment section. Suggestions are also welcome! Be sure to take a look at any other content on the website that catches your eye too!

Thanks everyone for the support, and I hope everyone enjoys playing the game!!

Hello everyone!
SuperStick RPG 3 is still being worked on. It is at about 95%. I am perfecting the sound and solving any bugs I find. Once the sound is complete, I am going to beta test it for a little while. The game will be released after I launch my brand new website.

I was aiming for a late August release; however, it will have to be delayed until late September. I recently was very busy moving and setting up my new place. Now that I am all moved out, I can concentrate on finishing everything up and finally releasing it.

Thanks for all the support everyone!

Please be sure to check out my youtube comedy skits/rants by: clicking here

SuperStick RPG 3 status

2009-02-11 01:54:23 by gjlcards

The game is currently going very well. I would say it's around 85% complete! I am still aiming for a summer release!

In the mean time, enjoy my comedy youtube videos: YouTube Videos

Thanks for all the support!!

SuperStick RPG 3 status

SuperStick RPG 3/New Site

2008-12-21 05:59:22 by gjlcards

Hello all!

There is a lot of good progress on SuperStick RPG 3! I am also making a new website with tons of awesome features that I plan to launch with SuperStick RPG 3. I will also include other new content including new comedy videos. I can't wait until everything is done and up and running. It's going to be epic!!

SuperStick RPG 3 Progress

2008-11-12 00:50:28 by gjlcards

Hello all,

Progress is slow, but I have been working on SuperStick RPG 3 and I do intend on finishing it. I would say that it's between 60% - 70% complete. I am trying to work on it more though and actually have a plan of what I need to do to finish it, so hopefully it will be done in four months or so. After it's done, I will require beta testers and I will post again to find volunteers.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Working on things this summer

2008-07-14 20:55:18 by gjlcards

It's been a while...I know! I just graduated college and I am currently on vacation until August 31st, which is when full time work begins. Currently, I am working on writing (comedy) and getting set to perform stand up comedy. I have been preparing for that for a few years.

I am also working on SuperStick RPG 3. I have a ton of free time now, so I really hope to finish it this summer. It should be exciting... performing stand up comedy, and finishing my best Flash RPG yet. I hope everybody is doing great! Comments are always appreciated! Thanks!

As I was playing one of my last Flash RPGs, Solid RPG, I discovered this little excitement in myself that had been missing for a few years. This little excitement was the one I always got when I made my own interactive worlds and stories that I could share with others. The ability to make your own interactive adventure, and take others on that adventure too is an amazing one.

Thus, I want to try to finish SuperStick RPG 3. I will try to commence work on it this January and see what happens. Thanks to all the fans, and any comments would be appreciated.